Wednesday, May 1

Rhode Island spring bride

This couple had a lovely day and the grounds were beautiful! Inside the country club was just a romantic, twinkling evening!

High School Senior Portraits

H.S. Senior Portraits~plan ahead!

High school seniors have the opportunity to be very creative with their final year portraits. Why not!! Senior year is the yearbook and memories you go back to embarrassing as we think that is now as we look back! There is no need to use your "school photographer". If the school claims you can use your own image then your student only needs to walk in and state "this is only for the yearbook" and they should NOT be charged. Now go out and be creative!!
Here is fun and unique image that is easily framed!

Friday, November 2

Borderland State Park, Easton ~ family portraits

It was a beautiful ...I mean perfect mid 60's temp on a Wednesday late afternoon, foliage was popping! Plus add the perfect family in and we had lots of fun. Resulting in the kids rolling down the hill behind the mansion before heading home. But before we let them loose to be kids...we had captured some amazing images. What a fun ages these are ...the little personalities are really showing through and they enjoy the camera.
Holiday cards.... CHECK!

Thursday, May 17

So we have to admit, The MBB Team was just a little (a lot) excited to have our pictures taken for the website. Let's face it, we prepped for it for weeks! Nails done, hair done, everything did...and I'm pretty sure we may have sold out lululemon athletica between all of us.

In 2004 Valerie Larsen was the “it” photographer in the local area, so naturally I had to get my high school senior pictures done with her! Hundreds of fabulous photos later she had me looking sharp and confident for my high school yearbook photo...maybe someday I'll share that with you ;)

I remember how fun and easy it was to work with her then, and now 8 years later she’s still the “it” photographer and we have reunited (and it feels so goooood…you know you’re singing it!). It’s hard to believe that I graduated from high school 8 years ago. When I think back to that time in my life, I thought I had it all figured out! Don’t we all at age 18?

If there is anything I have learned in my life, it’s that everything happens in divine timing. I have the best group of instructors anyone could ask for. Marisa, Kayla, Heather, Kelsey and newly added to our schedule, Maryellen and Tina! (Take a look at their bios AND great photos here!) With our instructors in place and a few of our clients who took the opportunity to ham it up in front of Val’s camera, we set out for “Operation MBB Photo-Shoot”. (We know some people HATE having their pictures taken, but what can we say…we love this stuff, and Valerie really makes it so easy to have your picture taken)

The day went really well and we really had a lot of fun! I honestly love working with Valerie because you can tell her your ideas and what you are looking for in the picture and she just “knows” how to do it. Her willingness to be open to those ideas is what makes the picture so successful. I would highly recommend her work!

Valerie is available for babies, children, families, pets, business portraits and even fund raisers. Weddings are certainly in the list but can be limited due to dates, always refer and book ahead! Her website information, facebook and blog are below! Happy Photo Viewing!
I would have to say the same~it was a joy and fun to work with the girls! I love being creative and Angela lets that shine. I am so proud to see where Angela is at in her life..she has worked hard, her spirit is warm & open, she is smart and driven...all in a gorgeous package to boot!! Do your self a favor and take one of her classes!!

Wednesday, May 16

Last weekend was just beautiful. I went to Capron Park for some portraits...clothes are Dad's choices~lol! He could only use what was sent along but we made due and these are the first professional portraits of his son. I can't wait for the water feature to be up and running. 

Friday, May 11

I enjoy capturing images of high school seniors that show their personality, love of life coming though. What a great turning point in life, so important to grab some great images! I like a few formal ones but then some expressions of who they are~capture it all.

Born and raised in Norton, Angela Vernaglia (also known as Ando) and her sister Kayla Vernaglia always knew they would set out to do something that would inspire and uplift the community. In 2006, Angela auditioned for the New England Patriots Cheerleaders and made the team. During her three years with the team, Angela was able to travel to Arizona and perform during Super Bowl XLII. She was also chosen for Operation Seasons Greetings 2007 with the United States Air Force Reserve and traveled to Iraq, Turkey, Germany and England to perform for the U.S. troops. During the summer of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Angela was chosen among five other ladies to travel to China to promote the NFL and train aspiring dancers for the Opening Ceremonies.

Following shortly thereafter in 2009, Kayla set out to audition for the same team, and made it. Six years later (and 2 Giants vs. Patriots Super Bowls later) Ando & Kayla Vernaglia will be celebrating the One Year Anniversary of their local Fitness & Healing Studio which offers a new innovative way to workout.

Mind Body Barre Fitness & Healing Studio offers barre workouts- This full body workout is composed of resistance training exercises that focus on the alignment & strengthening of the body using free weights, ballet barre work and finishing on the mats for core work and seat exercises. Every one of the classes at MBB is followed by a 10 minute meditation, infused with Lavender Oil aromas and Reiki Healing from the instructor, a great way to end your effective workout.
“Our most frequently asked question: I’m not a dancer, and I have never taken ballet or yoga classes, do I need to have this type of training to take a “barre” class? The answer is, No, No and No! This is NOT a dance class. In our regular MBB classes, you will get the look of a long & lean dancer’s body without having to dance. The method focuses on the principle movements of ballet, but there is not “dancing”. Barre classes are becoming more and more popular. I think you will start to see them pop up at other studios as well, but what makes MBB so different is the genuine intent to build an empowering community of people looking to get to know themselves, asking themselves...what do I really want and how can I help to make the world a better place? We do however offer and separate Cardio Hip Hop Dance class called STRIDE. Two of our instructors were STRIDE certified last year with Shaun T, the maker of Insanity. People are entering into a great shift in the world we live in, they want to become more connected to their mind, body and spirit together and we are here to help them with that. You can't compartmentalize those things in your life, they are always working together. We want our workouts to be effective and healing at the same time”

The studio offers an array of fitness classes ranging from our signature fitness class, dance & yoga inspired workouts, to our personalized workouts for people of all ages and body types. You can also book massage therapy, Reiki & Reflexology treatments.

“We are doing a lot of work to help raise money for the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation in Rhode Island, the community they have built is very dear to our hearts. We will be accepting donations at our Open House on 5/26 for them as well as raffling off some VERY good prizes that day. 100% of those proceeds will go to Gloria Gemma”

If you’d like to try the Mind Body Barre fitness method for free, you can! On Saturday May 26th from 10:30-11:15am they will be holding a FREE “OPEN Barre” for New Clients Only. Please email to attend as space is limited. More information can be found on the website,

Angela Vernaglia (Ando)

CEO (Creative Expansion Optimist)

Mind Body Barre™ Fitness & Healing Studio

Wednesday, May 9

Congratulations to Select(wo)men, Ginny Coppola! I feel very honored that she requested I update her business portrait. My older one is on her Facebook and the new one is here. I am pasting to the Sun Chronicle though...where did they find that portrait...Ginny looks like she 18! Still, today she is truly a beautiful woman.

Monday, May 7

YIKES...!!! It took me 15 minutes to figure how to sign back into my Blogger account. Maybe that is why folks don't Blog as much as they should, haha! I took advantage of the beautiful weather today and hit the UPdated, lovely new dog park at Slater, Pawtucket, RI. It is so clean, easy to use, nice folks and exhausted dogs when you leave!

Tuesday, May 1

W E L C O M E    B A C K !!!!!!!

Hello to all my fans, followers and clients! I apologize for the absence but life definitely got shook up. Just to get this started let's say... 1 new life, 1 move, 1 new French bulldog... and 1 new husband! I could only handle this one (he's a handful :) ) I decided on one husband, lol! He came with an adorable little daughter (6.5 yrs) whom has been a light in my life. I am fortunate to be able to share her.

You truly never know where life leads you. I have owned a wine store, worked for a distributor all along side of the VLP portrait photography business. Mind you, this did cause some small issues with have an overly full plate...hmmm, sales (on the road), training a puppy (Lola was easy/phew), a new condo (now in Attleboro!), closed the studio location (very devastating) and adjusting to a new man.

I met John...on.... (gulp) match. The same place my brother, Rick met his wife! John and I met on a Tuesday night and were on our 4th date by Sunday afternoon. He enjoys so many of the same things that I do~travel (Italy), running, hiking, jazz, food, Tanglewood, outdoors, museums and I did 2 triathlons last year. My first 2. I am back up and running full force and need all the understanding and support that I can get. here is a photo of the little Lola, taking during the hurricane at the end of August last year in Newport, RI.

Saturday, October 16

Capron Park... just add color

I get asked this question allot... "when do you think peak foliage season will be?". Unfortunately, that is a tough call. Each year depends on how the cool evenings, the rain, Nor' Easters, etc. So if I have families scheduled I will typically suggest some colors as we get within a week of that date. Luckily the colors of clothes always help the landscape have some more "pop" to the images. I was thrilled that this family decided to create some family portraits this year. It is so important to try to do that every 3 or 4 years so the kids will have some visual memories of their parents. It is truly more work for the Mom to go through all those clothing choices, look through stores, find the perfect outfits... then the session is over in half an hour!! Good job MOM's... I know how much work it is!


ps...there are lots of images but the card is going to be a surprise!

Friday, September 24

Minds 'n Motion, little piggy fun

I was approached to photograph an upcoming Masquerade Ball on Oct. 29th... but s the conversation went on I find that I am now much more involved. But gladly! I learned that these little Piggys are hand painted and designed from around the area to be auctioned off to raise money for a brand new Children's Museum to open in Foxboro, MA. Great, what a fabulous cause. So you can follow the Piggys little adventures as they all hang out together, playing and having fun before each one of them finds a new home on Oct. 29th. You can follow them on Face book "mindsnmotion" plus I will be updating on my own page "Valerie Larsen Photography". The Ball will be an evening of dinner and dancing for only $50 at the Lakeview Pavilion in Foxboro, MA. Please contact Tammy Addeche for your tickets at 617-947-3069 ...I will see you there.


Tuesday, September 14

Sunset family on Newfound Lake, NH 2010

I just so enjoy being able to capture families while they are on vacation. How wonderful is it that I kayaked by them on the sandbar earlier that day...waved and then worked with them just a few short hours later! Thanks for the beautiful family to photograph.